A camera to capture me and my friends People to wake up 

Someone to fit heating in my house Head to put make-up on. My ex to sort his life out and realise I\
A baby for my oldest friend Miracles for me to grow into an angle, strong That we have a dobermann for Christmas My elderly Nan and Grandad to spend Christmas together at home.   An elephant, a cinema,& a monkey in a swimming pool.
A house on a less angry street. A Reinder.  A purple reindeer. I wish for continuing good health!  (mother)
I wish I had a really cool marble run.  (son - aged 5)
I wish I could go to Greece.  (daughter - aged 7) To see the end of Christmas and the beginning of April when the flowers come out. To have you represent the baby girl, S, sadly born dead to my lovely sister... over 30 years ago. to change my life
12 pints of Guinness and Spicy hot chilli crisps!!!! :-) to find peace and happiness for myself and my little boy. For christmas a Panasonic HDC-SD100 video camera with a 32gigabyte SD Memory Card! To spend Christmas day with my family in Newcastle. To spend Christmas day with my family in Newcastle.  A healthy herd
My mind not to go blank A CAT SNOGGING A DOG To inherit (or win, or find) enough money so that I can stop working for good - and have a comfortable life as well. I want a new coat, a warm one. For my friends (K and T) 2 Algerian men to be granted leave to remain. I would like a colour painting of the Quayside Pub
a baby FRED THE SEXY BARMAID.  IN THE QUAYSIDE. JUSTICE a week off for the whole world Peace on earth and goodwill to all men. Better eyes
To meet the parents of my boyfriend - both dead now healthy organs (I\ To spend one more Christmas with my mother FOR LIVERPOOL TO WIN THE FA CUP I wish Jason will love me Peace and happiness in the world
World Peace A giant sailing boat - like a ye olde tall ship- with its own driving bell and glass bottom Vivienne Westwood, just her Tinker bell (fairy) Contentment Doll (Victorian clothes)
35 Grand and Crib Jake Gyllenhaal I would love to get a flat Shopping trolley with a small bag and a long long handle. Room for one can of beer. JESUS IN A CAMPERVAN A pint of gin without my ma worrying about it.
An A la Cart kitchen To have you represent S, the baby girl sadly born dead to my lovely sister S over 30 years ago  To get enough money to pay for a studio time to record an album. Electric drum kit I wish I could Drive and to have a car